Our ALBATROSS system for the automatic detection of castaways, the best tool for patrol and rescue missions, is a low cost and low maintenance system developed to be installed in helicopters, aircraft and UAV’s.

An example of dual-use technology is the Albatross system, part of the IRSC (InfraRed Search of Castaways) project, developed by Escribano M&E in collaboration with Spanish Maritime Rescue for the automatic search and detection of shipwrecks, and their geolocation to facilitate search and rescue missions.

This solution, unique in the market, was created in response to the need of Maritime Rescue to develop an effective solution for the automatic detection of people in adverse conditions at sea, which would reduce the time spent searching for castaways, increase the detection capacity and the area covered and reduce to 0 the human error present in the manual monitoring used at present.

The system is designed to be integrated into any air or sea platform or drone for several applications: shipwreck detection, hazard detection at sea, liquid spill detection and in general improvements in the performance and capabilities of the different sea and air units involved in safety and rescue operations.

  • Complete set, including computer, sensor system and wiring, weights less than 12kg. It can be operated with the aircraft power outlet or using a system of batteries of 4kg weight.

Once the flight plan is established, the operator needs only to visualize the images that the system intuitively interprets as a possible shipwreck. In the images the system offers the location coordinates to avoid errors when the zone is reached.

Equipment is integrated by two elements:

  • A sensor block placed outside the aircraft.
  • MCU small box, processes the image through firmware allowing this way not to rely heavily on a laptop.

Preventive maintenance of the system is calculated for every 6000 operation hours.

Sensor high contrast and discrimination capacities allow for day and night operation.

Capability to cover larger areas at greater height