During these last few weeks LISS (Long-Range Intelligent Security System) has continued its progress and presents news. Both the national and international press have echoed the latest developments.

ESCRIBANO continues to prevail in the technology sector thanks to the development of LISS software.

Unlike the existing technology, mainly relying on human operators, LISS provides a high level of intelligence to the swarm of drones (or other unmanned aerial systems), LISS has the capability to decide for itself what the best decisions are to make at any given time (for the group or on a individual level) in order to complete the mission securely and successfully. The system provides intelligence and autonomy to drones, which can decide for themselves how to carry out a mission in the most efficient way.

It has a very high level of intelligence, for example if a drone is damaged, the rest of the swarm immediately reorganizes themselves to carry out the mission as planned taking over its tasks.

This technology has a clear dual vocation and will be notable in coastal surveillance tasks, control of toxic spills, fire monitoring, search and rescue operations, detection of pests in crops and/or transportation of goods.

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