Electro-optical Systems

EM&E is the only Spanish manufacturer of complete electro-optical systems offering proprietary electro-optical solutions or customized ones.

In electro-optical manufacturing, EME provides a comprehensive service of design, definition and engineering of the product. EME also has the capacity to develop image processing, stabilization and software for thermal vision. The simulators are designed to help the operator visualize the scenario with a high level of accuracy, in different spectral bands.

The integration and testing of the electro-optic systems are completed at EM&E’s facilities performing the assembly in a clean room. EM&E uses instruments to control and adjust the systems, including an optical measurement bench, collimator or interferometer.

EM&E also offers customers technology transfer programmes required for the manufacture, integration, assembly, installation and maintenance of the products.

EM&E has developed different families of electrooptical systems, for day and night vision, such as infrared systems and monoculars.