The next step in the continuous process of innovation & development from Escribano Mechanical & Engineering

The Spanish company Escribano Mechanicals & Engineering (EM&E) is expanding their catalogue of Remote Weapon Station (RWS) by announcing their newest development: the Guardian L-HIT (Lightweight High Impact Turret).

Based on the well-known RWS Guardian 2.0, which integrates weapons of calibres 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7 mm, as well as a grenade launcher MK19, this new development integrates a 30 mm cannon, M230LF. This cannon provides a fire power that is able to shoot down targets more than 3km (1.9 milles) away. Being a modular and light station; its weight is less than 260 kg (573 pounds).

Especially designed to be integrated on a vast range of platforms and vehicles, the brand-new Guardian L-HIT provides excellent capabilities for short and mid-range defence. At the same time, it has an optimal accuracy when firing due to a newly designed stabilized system in two axes. This system is linked to the latest technology on electro-optical systems from EM&E, which allows detection, recognition, and identification of targets at a higher range than its competitors.

Highly customizable because of its modular architecture, The Guardian L-Hit is an excellent solution against asymmetric threats, and it can operate in extreme conditions. This design makes maintenance easier and increases its reliability.

This RWS can operate on different battlefields. Due to its lightness, it can be integrated on all different kinds of platforms and vehicles.

Escribano Mechanical & Engineering manufactures and designs its products with a clear commitment to offering the most innovative and creative solutions for the defence sector.