ESCRIBANO’s main activity is the manufacture of precision mechanical components and assemblies

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced equipment, including 5-axis machining, lathes, polishers, grinding machines and 3D measurement equipment, among others.

Materials such as aluminium or inconel are common in ESCRIBANO’s daily work and additive manufacturing also allows the introduction of new design possibilities with the combination of multiple components, optimisation of material use and the reduction of tooling costs.

Quality is a priority at ESCRIBANO. The engineering and manufacturing processes are certified to meet the most demanding international standards and specific regulations, particularly in the Defence sector.

Mechanical Manufacturing

Escribano M&E covers all manufacturing processes in its facilities

These processes include: material roughing, numerical and dimensional control, high precision 5-axis machining, 3D printing and verification with three-dimensional measurement, painting and surface treatments, assembly, verification and testing; and final integration and  assembly, vibration testing and stabilisation. All processes have been certified to Aerospace and Defence standards and specifications for quality, manufacturing and testing.

Optical Manufacturing

Escribano M&E is the only Spanish manufacturer of fully integrated electro-optical systems. It is also the only manufacturer with in-house capacity for engineering, design, development, manufacture, integration and testing processes on weapon systems production

Escribano produces nearly 90% of its systems at its facilities in Alcalá de Henares. The engineering of electro-optical systems also includes: image treatment and processing, stabilization, application and design of proprietary software for thermal vision; together with the generation of simulation environments designed to provide realistic scenarios in multiple spectral bands.

Electronical Manufacturing

Escribano M&E has an automated line for the manufacture of complex electronic boards.