SENTINEL 30 is a gyro-stabilized remotely controlled weapon station for 30 mm cannon that can operate day & night in combat and surveillance missions.

SENTINEL 30 is designed to be mounted on naval platforms, such as ships or Coast Guard vessels, incorporating an advanced fire control system that allows for high firing precision at long distances. It can be powered by two separate ammunition lines, selected by the operator.

It incorporates an electro-optical system for observation and tracking operations and an embedded simulation system for training operations controlled from a control panel, keeping the operator protected by the ship’s structure at all times.

  • Combat mode.
  • Observation mode.
  • Training mode.
  • Maintenance mode.
  • Single, burts and continuous shot.
  • Improve firing control system.
  • Operation Manual back-up.
  • Automatic Ballistic Calculator.
  • Automatic Targer Detection and tracking.
  • Firing and movement inhibition integrated in the Gunner Control Panel.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Surveillance Mode no gun pointed.
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Sentinel 30