The Weapon Control System by Optronic Means, SCAMO, is an integrated combat system. It enables the joint management of the command and control for remote weapon stations of different calibres.

This system specially designed for coordinated observation, tracking and combat missions. It has a redundant advanced observation system OTEOS, from its acronym Electro-Optical Observation and Tracking System, with 360º visual cover.

The Command and Control System formed by each of the consoles of the different Weapon Stations is commanded by an additional independent console for the Commander. This console allows the visualisation of each of the Weapon Stations with its own electro-optical system, together with the visualisation of the OTEOS system. This allows the control and coordination of the whole self-defence system of the vessel.

The Commander has the capacity to assign objectives and coordinate each of the Weapon Stations jointly according to the coverage they have over the target. The SCAMO has a communications and video interface to interact with the navigation systems of the ship, including the radar or the combat system; and to send the video from the sensors to other external display systems.

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