The Advanced Combat and Observation System SCOA is equipped with a large number of capabilities that allow recognition operations in the most complex scenarios. This system is prepared to operate both day and night in adverse weather conditions.

SCOA features a two-axis stabilized OTEOS electro-optical system with a 360-degree field of view and laser rangefinder (LRF), and a GUARDIAN 2.0 remote control weapon system (RWS) that provides the vehicle with a large short- and medium-range defence capability.

All systems are controlled by a BMS (Battle Management System) that facilitates decision-making on a target detected by observation system, as well as facilitating the reception of information from external systems.

  • It makes decision-making easier.
  • Threat classification and RWS guidance to the detected threat.
  • Observation and recognition in specific areas.
  • Possibility of integration and automatic deployment of the observation system on a mast.
  • Possibility of integration of different sensors, depending on the required applications.
  • RWS stabilized on two axis and equipped with a ballistic computer for high shooting accuracy.
  • OTEOS with Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) integrated into the OTEOS and RWS system with multi-target detection capability.
  • Intuitive interface that includes a simple management control panel.
  • «Full Screen» mode, for optimal view.