Sparrow FSS is an electro-optical system designed to detect fever in people.

The system can accurately measure the surface temperature, identifying precisely those people whose body temperature is higher than usual. It is, for this reason, a very effective system for detecting those suffering from systemic fever, including Covid-19 Coronavirus, Ebola, common flu, Norovirus or SARS, among others.

This temperature scan does not affect people in any way and does not cause any interruption in the flow of movement, allowing it to be installed in busy areas without generating any hold-ups, for instance at the entrance to buildings, airports or train stations. In addition, the camera’s field of view enables the simultaneous and reliable control of several people. The FSS Sparrow has been designed as a human body temperature measuring device for 32º C to 40º C temperature ranges, and is for that, an effective tool in the fight against viral threats.

  • Ruggedized System
  • Portable
  • Fast Deployment
  • Easy Installation
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  • Range from 32ºC to 40ºC
  • Black Body Calibration
  • High Precision
  • High Stability and Resolution
  • Pseudo Color and Grey Scale.
  • Configurable Threshold of temperature which is represented by color.

Sparrow FSS